About Us

The Kenya Bowling Federation is the national body that manages and runs Lawn Bowls in Kenya and was formed in 1954. Today there are Seven Bowls clubs that play the sport namely; Karen Country Club, Limuru Country Club, Mombasa Sports Club, Muthaiga Country Club, Nairobi Club, Njoro Country Club &Ruiru Sports Club.

The KB works under the auspices of the Ministry of Sports and is an affiliate of NOCK and an affiliate of the international governing body namely World Bowls.

According to World Bowls, there are approximately 455,060 registered lawn bowlers worldwide, with the largest numbers coming from the following countries:

Australia 169,349, Canada 13,561, England 108,774, Scotland 59,436, South Africa 23,585, New Zealand 25,298, Wales 9,810, Korea 1,200, United States of America 2,914, Malaysia 1,268, Ireland 5,985

Kenya plays internationally within the Africa Zone V Confederation of Lawn Bowls which comprises the following nations, South Africa which has 23,000 registered bowlers, Zimbabwe 314, Zambia 250, Botswana 207, Namibia 188, while Malawi, Swaziland and Kenya all have less than 100 registered bowlers each.

Our Objectives

  1. The advancement, promotion and control of the amateur sport of Lawn Bowls, social, friendly and competitive.
  2. To adopt and enforce the Laws of the Sport as laid down by World Bowls Limited subject to any modifications approved by the Association.
  3. To arrange annual Kenya Championships, and other competitions or tournaments.
  4. To promote and control visits to and from other Bowling Associations.
  5. To register with, and to participate in the affairs of, World Bowls Limited and to comply with its Articles of Association and the regulations and rules promulgated by its Board.
  6. To afford assistance in the formation of new Clubs within the area and in such other ways as would be to the general benefit and advantage of the sport of Lawn Bowls and to the united interest of Member Clubs.

7:Notwithstanding anything hereinbefore contained the Association shall not intervene in or be in any way concerned with the internal affairs, administration or management of Member Clubs.

8: To appoint Provincial associations, which should be subordinate to this Association, to assist in the attainment of (a) to (d) and (f) above.

9: This Association may by resolution of the members in General Meeting submit to the jurisdiction of the Kenya National Sports Council to the extent provided by the Constitution thereof on condition that the Association is accepted by the Kenya National Sports Council as an Affiliated Organisation thereof. In the event of such submission and acceptance, this Association and every one of its members shall thenceforth honour obey and be bound by all decisions of the Kenya National Sports Council or directions from the Head of that Council